Red Cross Garibaldi Presentation

Red Cross Garibaldi in Cusco & Puno, Peru.

Red Cross Garibaldi aid mission

Over 15,000 new clothes where distributed by the Red Cross Garibaldi to the children in the region of Puno, Peru. 2011

Red Cross Garibaldi in Callao, Peru.

The Red Cross Garibaldi (Cruz Roja Garibaldina) in Peru, donating clothes in Lima, Peru, during September 2011, with Chiki Mora, the wife of the minister of defense.

Christmas even by the R.C.G.

The Red Cross Garibaldi together with CONADIS hosted a Christmas event for more than 1500 invalid kids. It is important that these children feel included in the magic of Christmas, and in which they participated by receiving gifts and support this year.

R.C.G. Christmas event, December 2011 with INABIF

R.C. Garibaldi TV7 report, Peru

Joint aid efforts by R.C. Garibaldi and Harley Davidson