Visual Productions

We aim to bring family principles a step closer to the global community by means of video productions, all with a high content in moral values that instill a foundation of good behavior and positive interactions with their peers.

The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar

carlos-orugoThe value-based educational series project With moral issues often at the heart of social and ethical problems worldwide, little focus is being directed towards prevention. Studies have shown that a child’s early life is vital in shaping what will become his or her life-long character. There is no doubt that children are greatly affected by media today, and are bombarded with a host of likable characters and “role models” via the entertainment industry, many of whom severely lack in positive, moral values. What is needed is a way to turn this popular form of communication into a vehicle for positive character development.

We have recognized the need and offers “The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar”, a (computer graphics) animated production engaging children with both educational and entertaining adventures that help them understand the importance of behaving in accordance with a strong and positive value system.

“The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar” portrays situations that children face in their everyday interactions, describes emotions in terms that children find relatable, and defines the core concept by illustrating consequences that can result when these values are not internalized and practiced in daily life.

Join us in influencing and strengthening the character of future generations.